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OnTrack Core Fund

The OnTrack Core Fund seeks total return while keeping the Fund’s volatility and downside risk below that of major equity market indices.




To seek the Fund’s objective, the Fund’s subadvisor, Price Capital Management, Inc., uses a flexible investment approach that emphasizes capital preservation, but allows the portfolio managers to adopt a less conservative posture and to increase emphasis on capital appreciation when they believe the additional risk is warranted by favorable market conditions. The subadvisor invests long-or-short primarily in stocks, bonds and commodities using the subadvisor’s technical and risk control strategies.


The subadvisor’s technical strategy is based on a form of technical analysis known as “chart analysis” that attempts to invest in up-trending assets that are expected to produce above average risk-adjusted returns. Up-trending assets are those with generally rising prices and down-trending assets are those with generally falling prices. The subadvisor also uses this technique to take short positions in down-trending assets.




An investor should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the OnTrack Core Fund carefully before investing.  This and other information can be found in the Fund prospectus and should be read carefully prior to investing.  To obtain a prospectus, see the Fund Documents Tab above or please call 855-747-9555.   

There is no guarantee that the OnTrack Core Fund will achieve its investment objective.


The principal risks of investing in the OnTrack Core Fund are Risks of the Subadviser's Investment Strategy, Risks of Aggressive Investment Techniques, High Portfolio Turnover, Risk of Investing in Derivatives, Risks of Investing in ETFs, Risks of Investing in Other Investment Companies, Swap Agreement Risks, Risk of Asset-Backed Securities, Leverage Risk, Risks of Shorting Securities, and Risk of Non-Diversification. For more information on the risks of the OnTrack Core Fund, including a description of each risk, see the Risks Tab on this site and review the prospectus carefully. 


Price Capital Management, Inc. serves as investment subadviser to the OnTrack Core Fund, distributed by Ceros Financial Services, Inc. (member FINRA/SIPC). Ceros Financial Services, Inc. and Price Capital Management, Inc. are not affiliated entities. Advisors Preferred, LLC is the Fund’s investment adviser. Advisors Preferred is a commonly held affiliate of Ceros.



May 21, 2024

OnTrack Core Fund

Announces Distribution

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